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Nature's Fresh has trained employees to select produce for harvest when it is at a uniform size, color, and stage of vine-ripeness. We never wax, coat, or artificially-ripen our produce.

Food Safety

Nature's Fresh has adopted Governmental non-mandatory Good Agricultural Practices. This program is modeled after the Euro Food & Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practices program.


Nature's Fresh  Farms greenhouses are strategically managed so we can guarantee a year-round supply of produce from our facilities. This reliability ensures consistently excellent produce, trusted brand equity, strong customer relationships, faster delivery times, and improved operating efficiency.


At Nature Fresh  Farms, we grow our produce in indoor gardens. This gives our growing process several environmental advantages. We use an Integrated Pest Management System (IPM) to naturally control insects. We nourish our plants with a nutrient-rich water that we continually recycle and sterilize. Thus, our growing uses less water than field growing and does not erode the soil. Finally, we use an inert growing medium, not dirt, which means that our plants don’t have contact with soil- bourne diseases, and pests or animal waste fertilizers.