Nature's Fresh Logistics

Nature's Fresh has incorporated three salient points of Speed, Flexibility & Reliability in its logistics planning & management, which is crucial in today’s trade in fresh products

Nature's Fresh provides producers, exporters, traders and retailers with a complete logistical concept every day.

Nature's Fresh is constantly investing in new concepts. As ‘The Fresh Connection for India ’ we keep moving forward.

Nature's Fresh Logistics is equipped with Complete Cold Storage . Trucks and Vans which maintain the cold chain and deliver the nature’s fresh produce at its best state to the end consumer. Its straight from the farm to your home, completing farm-fork model.

  1. Temperature controls are electronically monitored and recorded around the clock to ensure the optimal storage conditions for perishable products.
  2. Temperatures can be adjusted to any product requirement.
  3. Clients access their inventory status via the Internet as well as we receive instant notification when an order has been filled.
  4. Additional services include instant E-Mail of all the documents  once a produce has been picked up, and an immediate notification of shipments that have been inspected.
  5. All Units are fully computerised to permit optimal control of cargo movement and inventories. Data is captured and checked using Bar Code scanning and exchanged and run on the best enterprises resources planning  from Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform